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 How to: remove surface rusted transaxle/gearbox gears

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PostSubject: How to: remove surface rusted transaxle/gearbox gears   Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:27 pm

So on my junkyard 820 i needed to clean the axle, perform maintenance. The cassette gears were rusted on one half most of the time, maybe being in the air or grease for years. So i found a good method on how to remove this rust, you don't want this floating around in the tranny.
Things i used:
Corded drill
wire wheel
safty glasses

This is how i held it. i used towels fo the machined surface wasnt damaged. I used a papter towel becuse the wheel catches it sometimes, and just blows it apart vs getting wrapped up


It is slightly pitted, but i used a screwdriver and coildnt get any debris out of it. So id call it fairly close to good.

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How to: remove surface rusted transaxle/gearbox gears
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