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 TSC Huskee!! Project Mudder!

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PostSubject: TSC Huskee!! Project Mudder!   Sun Dec 26, 2010 6:54 pm

hey guys ive recieved a lawn tractor a month or so back i will post all the progress that ive been doing on it. if anyone can tell me how to put pictures on here. i will post all my progress, so far its gone from a stock lawnmower, i removed the deck right away. ( still need to remove all the deck components tho, i blew the 12 hp briggs on it.. the prevous owner didnt take care of it. so it barely worked. so i swapped a honda gcv 160 on it. pressure washer motor:P, it runs great!, then recently i blew the transaxle.. wasnt sealed properly and water got inside and froze.. and broke everything to hell. so i found a vari drive tranny that im trying to rig up and im putting bigger tires on the front and lifting the back so it sits flat again. Again once i know how to post pictures i will post.
Starting stock tractor when i got it.
New addition, too many problems with the 12hp brigs, so swapped a honda gcv 160 on it Razz
Close up~! sorry for the dirtynes:P jus went for a romp before this!Razz
Then i broke the rear transaxle so i had to find a new one, so my buddy gave me a tranxaxle from a vari drive, 1 forward 1 reverse, so i put a 3 inch pully on it and rigged it up for the tractor. had some minor adjustments but its strong and stable as hell! Still Need to lock it t Tho!
Then i decided to put the my rear old tires on the front xD:) Big vs Small Wink
Now with both front tires on, they are just placed i have to still extend the spindles (fearlessfront's Method) Smile and the rear is just placed in this picture.

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PostSubject: Re: TSC Huskee!! Project Mudder!   Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:12 pm

That's the same chassis my mudder started out with Wink
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TSC Huskee!! Project Mudder!
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