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 how to make a brake pedal out of old deck parts

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PostSubject: how to make a brake pedal out of old deck parts   Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:29 am

ok so im going to put on a brake pedal, i started working on it today. parts needed:
grip (From murray deck engagement lever)
deck level hard ware 1999 and newer. (i Think)
curl spring.

cut grip about here, then put on short end.

this is how the pedal will be set up....

then take small peace of grip, and cut of rest of the ribs...

then the now spacer will fit in the spring like so....

now bend the hook end of spring like this....

then i drilled a 11/64 hole for the other end of the spring to fit in. measure/position this from the hole with the notches in it. not the hole you see here....

then the spacer goes here

then it goes together like this

now to keep it from springing back past the spring, put a hose clamp on it and give it some paint

it will then be mounted like this

and then i will have a cable going straight to the brake lever.
i should change my username to picture man lol!
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how to make a brake pedal out of old deck parts
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