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 Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater

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PostSubject: Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater   Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:02 pm

alright guys, so for us hayseeds in canada, the northeast, and the northern states of the US, we all know what its like to deal with cold, cranky vehicles with too many miles. we all know how bad it is to not let a cold engine warm up when it is this cold out. (currently -5*F) and being a firefighter, i dont have time to screw around letting my truck thaw out before hitting the trail. I was talking with a few of our guys how they felt about engine heaters, 2 types in particular. A block heater- the kind that physically goes into the engine block, and an oil pan heater. Now, ideally, I would get both, but thats impossible as far as money is concerned. An oil pan heater heats your oil, to make it thinner, so it can get to the top of the engine faster. Really, thats where it counts.

so, whats your take on the subject? Be reminded, I live in upstate NY, and the past few days, ive seen below zero weather, especially at night. I will be leaving at ungodly hours of the night to go to a fire call, which means I dont have time to screw around waiting for my truck to be happy, and I wont necessarily be light on the gas pedal..

so, block heater or oil pan heater?

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PostSubject: Re: Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater   Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:22 pm

well coolant isnt the issue unless it freezes I would say a pan heater would be ideal for a budget and something quick and easy. Gotta keep it oiled.
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PostSubject: Re: Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater   Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:18 pm

Try sucking syrup through a straw - thats how the the oil pump feels

Thats how it was discribed to me some years back.

oil warmer gets my vote.  
I put one in my winter beater last year, i also did a tune up and new battery so i cant really say how  much it helped alone.
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Ariens YT11

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PostSubject: Re: Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater   Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:38 pm

A "Block" heater is really perfferd for the cold, my dads Diesel Ford uses one and he is also a Volunteer Firefighter and we have had -20*F recently and he just pulls the plug and starts it and goes. Note: the motor is a PSD 7.3 with the HPOP injector pump and that is like a slug if it isn't plugged in over night if its below 0*F because of the "Cold" oil.
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PostSubject: Re: Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater   Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:46 pm

I think one of those silicon pan heaters would work fine. Maybe pair it with a dipstick heater.

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PostSubject: Re: Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater   Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:09 am

Oil pan heater. But remember, your shortening the life of the trans and engine regardless. Internal parts arnt expanding and the tranny has the same deal as a engine. Pump in the pan and it's not gettin worked to the guts of the tyranny. Clutch disks grind to life. See if they have a tanny heater too.

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Grand Master

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PostSubject: Re: Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater   Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:04 pm

Heated garage. Start building now, be ready for next winter.

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PostSubject: Re: Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater   

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Oil pan heater vs block / coolant heater
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