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 The way 1997 Murray lockes transaxles

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1997 Murray

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PostSubject: The way 1997 Murray lockes transaxles   Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:13 am

I have another way of locking a transaxle, and although it requires a welder I have found it is the best way to lock a tranny because it causes less breakage than other methods I have tried. I weld the 4 gears into a solid mass and so this is closer to a solid axle in the way that the axles are held in a straight line instead of being able to move around, which helps the case of the transaxle hold up better. However, my way is much more easy to do and less involved than installing a straight axle. The locker has stood up to much abuse in pulling, racing and romping (and some jumping) in a peerless 100 axle with a lot of stress on it, and then my buddy finally pulled the axle out of the welded gear cluster by beating on a stuck wheel with a 10 lb hammer, and even with no case to support it, (he pulled it off to try and break the spiders apart) the locker held up, and is still in one piece today. I have three tractors locked this way, and so far I have had no problems. Just make sure the axles and gears are meshed properly and lined up straight in the case before you weld or you will be in trouble.
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The way 1997 Murray lockes transaxles
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