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 Hey Y'all! Newbie Here!

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Age : 17
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PostSubject: Hey Y'all! Newbie Here!   Sat Apr 16, 2016 10:27 pm

Hey! I was directed to this site by my buddy CraftsmanQuad19. He got me interested in the whole off road mower thing. I love working on mechanical stuff...basically anything that has an engine. Just from being here a week I already love this place. Im gonna be here a lot. i am taking on a daring first off road mower project. it is a John Deere Sabre garden tractor. it has a hydro underneath it with an electronic clutch for both the deck and the drive belts (not sure if its factory or was added on later) anyway the engine is a 21 horse kohler command. since this thing has all the bells and whistles, i have chosen to strip the entire electrical system and throw it and the engine aside. (the engine runs great...WHEN it runs) anytime the engine breaks down it is always a time consuming repair. so far, i have a pushbutton start, a toggle switch to turn on the fuel pump, a toggle switch for the lights, and a toggle switch to kill the engine. My engine of choice is a 1983 briggs and stratton 11hp flathead engine.(because it was free) i got it for free because of the hours it has on it...nearly 32000 hours! Currently, the engine is at CraftmanQuad19's house being ported, getting the eyebrows done and getting a govenor delete. I had a briggs ohv 14.5 that i borrowed the cam and piston out of, giving the 11 higher lift on the valves. While my buddy is on the engine, i am working on completely stripping down the Sabre's frame(there are soooo many darn linkages and levers and pulleys.) im hoping setting it up for gear drive will be relatively simple, but when does anything go the way you want it? I would like to hear people's opinions on this. hopefully i can make it work...
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Grand Master
Grand Master

Age : 18
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PostSubject: Aye   Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:35 pm

Aye kiddo, glad to see you made it on! You already know you'll love it here, so what else is there for me to say other than welcome!
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Hey Y'all! Newbie Here!
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