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 Roper 633a - 105401X - 122419X High/Low Shift issue

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PostSubject: Roper 633a - 105401X - 122419X High/Low Shift issue   Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:32 pm

AllisKidD21 wrote:
Well I took the shifter assembly out of the trans today because I'm fairly certain this is an internal problem.

I actually got it to go in low range, but I had to finesse the input gear for the ranges with a screw driver. What I've figured out is the input gear for low range is sliding on the splined shaft, so when the sliding gear for low range moves over it pushes the input gear out of the way.

I managed to get some pics through the shifter hole.

In the second picture you can see once it goes in high range the little input gear slide over out of the way, meaning the low range sliding gear can't mesh with it. So I'm quite glad nothing's stripped but what could've caused this? Am I gonna have to open it up and put a spacer on the shaft? Any advice is appreciated

AllisKidD21 wrote:
AHA I feexed it! It turns out theres like a really strong C-clip thing that snaps on the splines on the shaft.

You can barely see the tip of it in this picture

As you can see is way over to the side which is why the low range gear was sliding back and forth. All I had to do was use a prybar and a mallet to tap it back up against the low range gear, it was kinda hard to move it cuz it's pretty strong, but it works now! It goes into low range no problem! I'm glad it was nothing major and now I can put 'er all back together and see if I can get this thing running and driving. Stay tuned!

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Roper 633a - 105401X - 122419X High/Low Shift issue
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