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 Duuds Build Off 2018 "The Donkey" aka "Eesel" [2018 Build-Off Entry]

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Forum Newbie

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PostSubject: Duuds Build Off 2018 "The Donkey" aka "Eesel" [2018 Build-Off Entry]   Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:29 pm

Here here!
So the plan:
Murray GT 46380X50B, is down to pieces. This project will be called "The Donkey" or as donkey is called in Estonia "eesel".

- clutch will be modified to handle some speed and towing (double)
- pulley swap, not for speed but it should do max 35mph
- the engine gets a good haul, already started, it had water inside and the left lower cilinder has some micro damage.
- peerless 820-029 is already cleaned from the awful grease and waiting for oil, gears are in excellent condition
- wont lock the diff
- carburetor (3 screw) is almost done, the fuel pump needs a little tinkeing
- i have to build some kind of bumper
- must get a good looking beer holder - that's a must
- engine is 18hp opposite briggs, it is in some dissassembled state, but if i get the head gaskets, then i can put that together.
- will try to keep most of the parts to theyr original state, that goes for the whole donkey (just finished cleaning the nuts and bolts)
- last but not least, will do some painting, this means original color.

Here are two pictures of my work ahead, hope it gets me into the 50% pile Razz

Now we have some good colds coming, so i dont know when i get to work on it, weekly i hope but i need it to be ready at least for spring.

-Approved by Doug, 2/3/2018
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Dave 007

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PostSubject: Re: Duuds Build Off 2018 "The Donkey" aka "Eesel" [2018 Build-Off Entry]   Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:50 am

Good luck and best wishes, very happy to see your entry. cheers.
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Duuds Build Off 2018 "The Donkey" aka "Eesel" [2018 Build-Off Entry]
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