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 Fordification's 1963 DB 725 All-Terrain Build [2018 Build-Off Entry]

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PostSubject: Fordification's 1963 DB 725 All-Terrain Build [2018 Build-Off Entry]   Sun Apr 01, 2018 3:43 pm

as some of you may know I recently picked up a 1963 David Bradley Suburban 725, Original plans were just a small build, something to mess with on weekends, but figured I would go all out on it and enter it.


-front and rear bumpers
-Custom Fenders and foot rests

-undetermined at this time, possibly build stock motor if I can get it running correctly or swap it.

-front coil overs (four linked?)

rear axle:
-Lock the stock axle

front axle:
-Solid Tube axle


paint: undetermined
-something subtle

-rear: 25"+ AG Tires

-front: 20" ATV Style wheels. (Already installed)

-Small light bar in the front grille area

-Install muffler but leave exhaust routed to stock location

-Build "Snorkle" To move intake to just under the top of the hood

Already done before entry:
-Front Tires
-Paint hood and seat
-Fix broken front left spindle

More pics of when I got it and then installing the front tires.

- Approved by Doug, 4/1/2018
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PostSubject: Re: Fordification's 1963 DB 725 All-Terrain Build [2018 Build-Off Entry]   Sun Apr 08, 2018 4:40 pm

I really love those old David Bradley Suburbans!  Looking forward to seeing this thing come to life.


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Fordification's 1963 DB 725 All-Terrain Build [2018 Build-Off Entry]
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