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 Build Off Prize brainstorming...

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Build Off Prize brainstorming... Empty
PostSubject: Build Off Prize brainstorming...   Build Off Prize brainstorming... Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2019 11:59 pm

First off I would say @redzz02 is the man.  Not sure if Doug or anyone else (Site Supporters other than redzz02) had any offerings for last year's prizes. 

I'd like to kick off and start a discussion about 2019 and further for prizes.  Many in the past have supported Doug in prize packs for build off winners.  I'm sure Doug has dealt with much financial burden purchasing and shipping prizes in the past.  This is just one of the things to think about.

First, what kind of prizes would you like to see?  I will accumulate the list at the end of this post as I can.


  1. Someone has to buy it to be given away.  Think about price and value.
  2. It has to be shipped! Think about the weight/size and in many cases now, will need to be shipped INTERNATIONAL.  So IMPORT/EXPORT has to be considered and major delays at port of entries. They have the tendency to hang on to things for a long while.  Are there any restrictions on the item(s)?

  • Donations of money?  Who/how will be the holder of this.  I have donated to help Doug.  We will revisit this down the line.
  • Donations of merchandise? Stickers, shirts, tools, accessories... how to handle these items?  Direct from Supporter or ship to a prize coordinator?

Lets keep the discussion simple and light for now.

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Build Off Prize brainstorming...
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