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 My Computer Stuff

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PostSubject: My Computer Stuff    My Computer Stuff  Icon_minitimeWed Feb 20, 2019 6:41 pm

LOL just thought I'd make a Thread about my Computer stuff, since that's my main Hobby

Bought me recently a nice old Dell Laptop since my Acer POS was crapping out after 2 reinstallations of OS and few horrible fights and rage attacks since that thing is lagging like My Computer Stuff  252588580 My Computer Stuff  252588580

My Computer Stuff  Whatsa89

My Computer Stuff  Whatsa90

My Computer Stuff  Whatsa91

It's DOM 2005 and in really mint shape and has the best specs that were available back in the days!

Since the WIN7 from the Preowner was crapping out I slapped my WIN7 on it, and now have a new old hopefully reliable Laptop!

My Computer Stuff  Whatsa92

My Computer Stuff  Whatsa93

Gonna buy a Cooling tablet for it, and call that thing Done! Impressive how fast that thing is and how incredible high quality everything feels!

I think that were the smartest spent 62$ since long time!!

BTW If U want to know some PC stuff, feel free to ask, maybe my tiny knowledge can help U out!
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My Computer Stuff
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