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 Racing/mud mower questions.

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Racing/mud mower questions. Empty
PostSubject: Racing/mud mower questions.   Racing/mud mower questions. Icon_minitimeMay 28th 2012, 7:22 pm

Hi all.
I know you all dont like topics like this, without pictures and only questions.
But i can use some advice and help.

Im gonna build a racing mower with 16 to 18+ hp twin.
For a transmission i was gonna use a 600 peerles but after some advice from stretch on the forum i dont really wanna use one.
I wanna have a topspeed of about 45 and maybe do some slow trailriding.
So this is what i have come up with.

Twin engine(atleast 16 to 18 hp)
700 peerless transmission.
Live rear axle.
Reinforced and lowered frame.
Direct steering.
Dual exhuast for that nice musclecar sound:$

What do you guys think about clutch, brake & trottle setup?

Clutch on the left side brake on the right and handtrottle, or clutch on the left and brake and trottle on the right?

And what about brakes? Hydraulic or mechanical?

Im going to pick up a 700 peerles next week, it comes with some other stuff and also a whole rear axle with bearings, differential and sprocket. All for €50-,

For a mower, i wil problably get a vertical shaft wheel horse, that has a 600 peerles 3 speed with 5 bolt hubs, a 3 blade mowerdeck, and two engines. For €150-,

I think i wil sell most of the stuff like the two engines, mowerdeck, and transaxle. Also i will sells the rear axle that comes with the 700.(i'l will take the sprocked off for the live axle)

I will reinforce the frame by running tube and angle Iron on the insides.

The original front axle is cast iron and way to big. So i will fabricate my own frontaxle and spindels.

For shifter i dont wanna have it between my legs, but on the dash or on the fender next to me.
There where my little trottle/brake problem comes in. I am a righty, zo i wanna shift with my right hand and whenn i have hand trottle i also wanna use my right hand for that. So i think that a foot trottle and brake on right side the best option is for me.

For tires i think i am going to get a little nobby tires for a little offroad en it looks cool.
And the original tires for some on-road and stuff.

Also should i take out the govener?

And how am i going to get the lawnmower rims and tires on the live go kart axle?

Now about my tools and stuff.
For someone of 15 years old i have quite alot off tools.
I have a lovely stick welder.
I teached myseld welding, i practice alot and im getting better every time,
For grinding and cutting i have a little bosh 115mm grinder., great little
Have a cordless and cord drill.
have good safety stuff, alot of earplugs, safety glasses, welding helmet, welding glubs.
Also have al the basic tools.

I hope to get started really soon and post alot pictures for all you guys.

Please give me all the advice you can give me and tell me what you think.

Thank you very mutch.
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Racing/mud mower questions. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Racing/mud mower questions.   Racing/mud mower questions. Icon_minitimeMay 28th 2012, 9:58 pm

I personally would put the throttle on the floor. Some people like a hand throttle, but I cannot get used to it. If you look at our machines you can see how we solved the brake location.

If you DO want to go with the hand throttle, it should not be an issue to switch between shifter and throttle using the same hand, as you should be off the throttle when you shift anyway.

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Racing/mud mower questions. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Racing/mud mower questions.   Racing/mud mower questions. Icon_minitimeMay 29th 2012, 8:41 am

They make hubs, northern tool sells them, that attach to a 1in axle and allow you to bolt rims to. Lots of garden tractors have them. I found some 1 in hole, keyed rims from simplitcy tractors, they slide right on.

I hear the 700 is a good transmission, I don't have any experience with them. What is nice is you can change the sprockets to the rear axle and set your speed. Also the live axle is easy to add brakes to.
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Racing/mud mower questions. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Racing/mud mower questions.   Racing/mud mower questions. Icon_minitime

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Racing/mud mower questions.
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