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 How to use this forum [Read me first!]

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Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor

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How to use this forum [Read me first!] Empty
PostSubject: How to use this forum [Read me first!]   How to use this forum [Read me first!] Icon_minitime1/10/2018, 22:35

Hello, and welcome to the Product Reviews forum! I'm Tim, the account that manages this forum category.

In this forum, and specifically this thread, you can request that I open a review thread so that you may post your opinions on things that you feel should be made known.


How to use this subforum

To start, open a thread in the [Submit a Review] thread (the one you are in now).

In the title, help me understand what you are reviewing. For example, if you are reviewing a Tekton Wire Stripper, put [Tekton Wire Stripper] as your title. If the item has specifics, like a specific size or model number, include those, like [Tekton 7in Wire Stripper, Item # 3797].

In the body of your post, include a brief review of your item. In this thread, or subforum in general, specifics don't matter as it isn't where the reviewing will take place. If what you are reviewing is online, include a link to it. If you can't find a link, include as many specifics as possible so I can research it to begin the review thread.

Do not group multiple items into a post. If you are requesting to review multiple things, make a request thread for each thing. It will make my job a lot easier.


Once you submit your review request, I will get to work at making your review thread. If I cannot find your item, I will ask for more information from you. Once the review thread is created, I will mention you in it and delete your original request thread.

How to use the review forums:
These pertain to the review forums, not this one specifically.

The review forums are for just that; reviews. If you have a question about something, please use or make a discussion thread, like in [General] or wherever your topic may apply. If you want to ask a specific person a question, please use the PM function to ask them directly. Replies to review threads should be reviews only.

There is also the added option to just rate something. At the top of each thread, there will be a poll for a rating of 0 (being the worst, like its a scam or it was so terrible you returned it), through 5 (being the best, its better than sliced bread and everybody needs one). Vote cancelling will be enabled, so as to allow you to change your rating should something happen down the line.

For some things, you may want to leave multiple reviews, such as multiple transactions with a seller, or buying the same item at separate times and getting different results each time. For this, feel free to make extra posts if necessary.

Include photos and/ or videos! If you made a video review on something, feel free to post it in lieu of text. Text is preferred though, at least in addition to a video. If just using text to describe your experience, we encourage you to add photos to supplement your post.

Be as descriptive as possible! It will add fruit to your review, and make it more useful.


All in all, I hope you get good use from this forum, and that hopefully it will help you in making smart purchase decisions.

If you need any assistance, feel free to ask for help below. You can also PM an Admin, as we are the ones who manage this account. We are...

@Doug + @Doc Sprocket


*This is a living document, some things may change or be modified over time with or without notice.*
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How to use this forum [Read me first!]
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