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 Tire Rasslin 101

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PostSubject: Tire Rasslin 101   Tire Rasslin 101 Icon_minitimeSat Jan 27, 2018 5:07 pm

I tried to toss in a few tips on my 116 build and have not done any in the "off season". I need to fix up a set of tire and wheels that I bought 13 years ago. They were new tires rusted to the wheels and I have been fighting them since. As a last resort, I had to go to RTV to fix the bead leaks. I thought I would pass along the stuff I have picked up to make tire change and repair easier.

Step 1 Get a bead breaker. These are like $20 from harbor freight and will save hours of frustration and helps to keep from damaging wheels and tires.  
Tire Rasslin 101 20180114

Step 2 Make or buy something to hold the tire so you are not crawling around on the ground chasing the tire.
Tire Rasslin 101 20180115

Step 3 Tap a male quick connect to 5/16-32. remove core and thread on stem. This puts alot of air in the tire real quick to help seal the bead. The tire stand mentioned in step 2 helps with this part since you can push and pull on the tire as needed.
Tire Rasslin 101 20180117

Step 4 Get a cheap sprayer and add a water/ dish soap solution to check for bead leaks.
Tire Rasslin 101 20180116

Step 5 If you do find that you have a bead leak, clean the sealing surfaces with Scotch Bright, sand paper, or an angle grinder with a flapper wheel as needed depending on severity of the rust on wheel. Clean the tire bead good too. If all that does not work, wipe some monkey sh*t on it.
Tire Rasslin 101 20180118

A few other random tips: Use a round shank screwdriver to work the tire off/on. Square shanks will kink the rims and gouge the tire, making the bead more likely to leak. Setting the tires out in the sun will help soften them up to get the bead sealed. Grease around the bead will help get the bead sealed
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Tire Rasslin 101
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