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 Transaxle Seals for MST-206

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Clapped Out Ben
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Transaxle Seals for MST-206 Empty
PostSubject: Transaxle Seals for MST-206   Transaxle Seals for MST-206 Icon_minitimeMon Nov 30, 2020 8:06 pm

I have a Murray widebody that i have made into a all terrain beast. I mostly ride on hard core bumpy dirt roads and in the river bottom sandy trails as there isnt really much mud aroun here. MY murray goes 35-40 mph and i am spinning 22x12-8 inch kenda bearclaws with extra cut lugs for mroe aggressive tread. After a year of riding this mower as you would ride a Quad there is things that are wearing out. I drop the tranny and change the oil, change the input bearing, change the belt, etc every two months. My axle seals are leaking, but my brake shaft seal is leaking really bad. i cant find any seals for it. does anyone else know of seals i can get for it? i already have a vent line to let the pressure out. Thanks!
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Transaxle Seals for MST-206
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