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2022 Build-Off Complete! Thank you for your interest and success! 2023 will probably return the start date back to February 1.
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 Final 2 months 2022 Build-Off

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2017 Build-Off Finalist
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Final 2 months 2022 Build-Off Empty
PostSubject: Final 2 months 2022 Build-Off   Final 2 months 2022 Build-Off Icon_minitimeOctober 1st 2022, 10:29 pm

Final 2 months 2022 Build-Off 2019b-11

OK guys!  New entries are officially cut off.  Entrants we have are who we will take to the finish line 11:59 Nov 30.  Keep up the good work!  I hope those that have gone silent can continue on their builds and finish this thing.  Right now, we have 3 competitors claiming finished but continue improving their builds.  We have a 4th that could be considered complete per rules:

  • Must be "complete" by deadline date. For our purposes, "complete" means: Starts, runs and drives under its own power. Throttle must be installed and operable remotely (without operator touching engine). Kill switch must be installed and operable without operator touching engine. Engine must start with a switch of some type or be pull-start. Braking system must be installed and functional. Steering system must be installed and functional. The purpose of this rule is not only to define completeness for the contest, but to help ensure safety. Paint and related aesthetic touches are not mandatory to qualify as "complete" but may affect voting. For clarification, "Remote" specifically means "The ability to operate without touching engine".

Remember what we need for your entry to be complete is:

  • Upon completion, builder MUST post a video of completed build, consisting of a walk-around and operation to demonstrate function and capabilities. The video must be hosted on a site that will allow the video to be shared in your post, such as YouTube. Builders should also make a post saying that build is completed, or risk build not qualifying. If for some reason you are not able to shoot or post this video, you MUST contact a forum administrator to closely scrutinize your build to determine eligibility BEFORE the competition closes.

Please have your "final" competition videos wrapped up by Nov 28 but have until end of the day Nov 30.  If you do not tell me what you your completion video is, I will choose the last video of your build that you have shared.  I myself have a completion video of my build, but plan on making a new one anyway for the wrap-up.

These are the members that have claimed complete one way or another for this year's build-off.

Remember, even though new entries are cut off and we are in the final two months, you still have two months to complete!!!

Good Luck!

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Final 2 months 2022 Build-Off
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