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Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Normal10Topic: The Build-Off is back!

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Search in: Announcements   Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Icon_minipostSubject: The Build-Off is back!    Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Icon_minitimeFebruary 26th 2022, 11:43 am
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Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Normal10Topic: *c [22 BO] MightyRaze's - Dirty Rat

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Search in: Build-Off Competition Threads   Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Icon_minipostSubject: *c [22 BO] MightyRaze's - Dirty Rat    Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Icon_minitimeDecember 31st 2021, 11:55 pm
#Buildoff2022 #DirtyRat

I guess I will kick this thing off.  I don't know if I will be able to accomplish or finish what I would like... but it is a challenge and I want to take it.  I had hoped to build the Green Machine in the build-off but was uncertain if it would happen.  So here goes another idea I had.

My project is called "Dirty Rat"

My plan is to take this 1977 Sears Suburban Hydro, scab in the rear of a 1985 Murray GT with the locked Peerless 2300 from Kal.  I also plan on trying to lower it a bit if possible.  I'm calling it Dirty Rat, because my hope is for it to be an offroad trail riding rat rod sears.  Not sure of all the details at this time, but hope it goes well and can get something that I am thinking built out! Currently all I have is what I have. I do not have any parts planned or purchased for this yet.  It will be a journey in building.

Main source for parts:
Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Img_3051

<no longer need parts from Kal, it's been saved>
Another Admin will need to OK my entry for ethical reasons... Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum 2240318088

like @Doug.
Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Normal10Topic: IT"S BACK!!! 2022 BUILD-OFF RULES HERE!!!

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Search in: Build-Off Announcements   Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Icon_minipostSubject: IT"S BACK!!! 2022 BUILD-OFF RULES HERE!!!    Topics tagged under buildoff2022 on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Icon_minitimeDecember 30th 2021, 9:54 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Welcome to the 2022 All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum
Build-Off Competition!

Participants will be given 11 months to cobble together the roughest, toughest, nastiest, sexiest, highfalutin-est mean machine they can, for the title of “2022 Build-Off Champion”!!!  OK, guys we decided to bring this FUN completion back for 2022!  Winner gets bragging rights that they are top dawg on ATLTF for 2022!

Read on to learn the rules and how to enter!  

Please note! 

ATLTF 8th year Build-Off Competition Rules:

- Qualifying Builds -

1.) Must be a small, personal-transportation type vehicle, capable of carrying operator, and not more than one additional passenger.

2.) Must be self-propelled.

3.) Must be powered by an OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) type engine. Generally: one to four (YES 4) cylinders, 2 or 4 stroke, gasoline or diesel, air cooled, water cooled, horizontal or vertical crankshaft, and derived from: lawn mowers, leaf blowers, lawn/yard/garden tractors, pressure washers, portable generators, tillers, cement mixers, weed-eaters, leaf mulchers/ vacuums, water/ trash pumps, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, etc. Additionally, more than one qualifying engine may be used.

...3.1) Electric powered machines will be considered by-basis, so long it complies with all other rules.

4.) No automobile, truck, SUV, etc. chassis or engines allowed. No ATV chassis, or "Compact Tractor" chassis from larger homestead+ tractors allowed. Passable examples are: Lawn tractor, yard tractor, garden tractor and mini chassis’, stock or modified. Custom-built chassis are allowed provided the end result will be resemblant of a lawn or garden tractor chassis in appearance. Specifically, ladder, tunnel, or pan-style. No space frames, or frames made primarily from tubing that are resemblant to go karts, rock crawlers/ bouncers, etc.  (Tube skeletons for bracing and exoskeletons are permitted upon approval.  Must "wrap" a portion of the tractor or strengthen lawn tractor frame. Not replace a portion of the tractor.)  

5.) Must run on any number of wheels, tracks, skis, or any combination of these, limited by the following constraint: A minimum of 3 points of contact must be made with the ground, a minimum of two if vehicle is "tracked". Points of contact are defined as wheels, tracks, or skis. Wheels cannot be configured in an inline pattern similar to a "cycle".

6.) Sheet-metal and bodywork is open; however, the end result must be resemblant of a tractor in some aspect. Micro-cars, cycles, rock crawlers/ bouncers, space bodies, etc. are not permitted.

7.) Must be "complete" by deadline date. For our purposes, "complete" means: Starts, runs and drives under its own power. Throttle must be installed and operable remotely (without operator touching engine). Kill switch must be installed and operable without operator touching engine. Engine must start with a switch of some type or be pull-start. Braking system must be installed and functional. Steering system must be installed and functional. The purpose of this rule is not only to define completeness for the contest, but to help ensure safety. Paint and related aesthetic touches are not mandatory to qualify as "complete" but may affect voting. For clarification, "Remote" specifically means "The ability to operate without touching engine".

8.) Must NOT be more than 50% completed prior to the official start date. Previously completed builds can be used as long as the new build changes the build by more than 50% from the previous completion.  Not just a teardown and reassemble.  (These builds will be closely monitored) Lightly modified builds for the contest will not qualify. As part of qualification, contest entrants will post a picture of the major parts source(s), including a sign showing the commencement date and code word. Completeness will be defined by your write-up of what is to be done and by seeing your parts in photos.

9.) Entry must be built by the entrant. A team of more than one can enter and build a machine. Those instances, the team would have to share or split winnings should they win.  No contracting "hiring out" parts of the entry to be "built" by someone else.  It is OK, to purchase "over the counter parts" for your entry.

Entries and finalized builds are screened by the administration and we reserve the right to decline entries/ finalized builds if we feel they are not observant or compliant to the rules as stated above. 

- Competition Details -

The Build-Off commences January 1st. You may NOT start building until the official start announcement on that date, but you MAY plan and collect parts until that time. The official start announcement will contain a PASSWORD. Entrants MUST start a build thread in the [Build-Off Entries] forum, and: Post a photo of their main parts pile that contains a sign bearing "ATLTF 2022 Build-Off", your username, the date, and the password for the build-off, all printed on a sign and in the same photo.  The sign can be written or printed, but the password MUST BE HAND WRITTEN.  Also, make sure the sign is clear and readable in your photo.  The entry period runs from January 1 to October 31st.  The Build-Off ends November 30th at 11:59PM. Any project that is NOT completed or compliant to the rules stated above upon the official finish announcement on that date will not qualify for judging and subsequently winning (see official contest rule no. 7 for definition of "complete").  Builder should post as many details of build as possible, including parts sources/origin, costs, design elements and difficulties, specifications, gear ratios, etc.

- Entrants -

1.) Must hold a valid ATLTF membership in good standing.
2.) May Join ATLTF in order to qualify for contest entry.
3.) Must maintain their ATLTF membership status in good standing for the entire duration of the contest.
4.) May enter more than one project for the competition.

Probation will not be enforced 2022! Have Fun! wrote:
Builds that have not updated since creation, or 3 months no update will go into a "Build Probation" folder for not following the rules.

Entrants MUST update their thread at least monthly detailing progress, with either write-ups, videos and/or photos.

Criteria for Probation:
1 Month no update by "Entrant"- Asked to Update
2 Months no update by "Entrant - Warning given
3 Months no update by "Entrant - Moved to Probation

Builds still in this "Probation" folder at the end of the build-off will automatically be deemed "Disqualified!" To have your build removed from Probation, you will need to petition the Admin Team to have it taken back out no later than November 15. Contact link is on the bottom of any ATLTF.COM page.

Upon completion, builder MUST post a video of completed build, consisting of a walk-around and operation to demonstrate function and capabilities. The video must be hosted on a site that will allow the video to be shared in your post, such as YouTube. Builders should also make a post saying that build is completed, or risk build not qualifying. If for some reason you are not able to shoot or post this video, you MUST contact a forum administrator to closely scrutinize your build to determine eligibility BEFORE the competition closes.

In the event of a tie, winner will be determined by a panel of judges. There was indeed a tie for 2nd in 2015, in which the admin staff voted.

- Competition Specifications -

Competition Start date: January 1st
Competition End date: November 30

Entry start date: January 1st
Entry close date: October 31
Probation close date: November 15

Voting will begin promptly after reviewing entrants for completeness.


Space Frame: Consisting of mainly tubes or small diameter materials. Like an atv or buggie.
Space Body: Consisting of mainly tubes or small diameter materials, with no supporting sheet metal.
Remote: Device that activates objects without direct contact.

- Voting -

Any ATLTF member may vote for their favorite build in full confidentiality.  This year, we will consider the ability to vote more than 1 favorite.

We will be repeating what we did in the past couple years where new accounts will be temporarily suspended from being approved to prevent account bolstering. So, if you plan on participating in voting, pull up a chair and join us here.
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