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Topics tagged under hashtags on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Normal11Topic: Minor Quality of Life Changes

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Search in: Announcements   Topics tagged under hashtags on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Icon_minipostSubject: Minor Quality of Life Changes    Topics tagged under hashtags on All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum Icon_minitimeDecember 12th 2021, 3:49 am
Hey guys, minor updates to the Forum. I was poking around settings and changed a few things, which are listed below.

+ Increased PM Inbox from 50 to 100 messages.

+ Increased PM Sentbox from 25 to 50. You can now save more important PMs.

+ Activated #hashtags. This should allow user to favorite targeted words that will give you notifications, or help narrow search results.

= Updated site description.

= Minor proofreading in various areas of site structure.

= Minor changes to the FAQ page, including removal of the defunct P.O. Box address.

If you have any more ideas for site advancements/ corrections, or anything else to add to the FAQ, please be sure to let us know!
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