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 '95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile.

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'95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile. Empty
PostSubject: '95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile.   '95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile. Icon_minitimeWed Feb 01, 2017 7:52 pm

Going to be copying and pasting from my build thread on infamousnissan, and adding some stuff along the way that I haven't updated over there....

So picked up this hardbody off facebook swap and sell for $350, motor is presumably blown up...
'95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile. YHoaUmF

So I dragged it home and take the wheels off to inspect some more.... found this sh*t Angle iron C notch.... Also a good amount of rust up front (but didnt take a pic)
'95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile. MPPoQAU

Got some wider steelies off a K5 blazer and some lo-pro tires... the bent frame immediatly became noticable (the drivers side was resting on the wheel wells and sticks out a good 1.5 inches, vs the passenger side fitting pretty flush.)
'95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile. LNkpMuq

Got tired of pushing it around so decided to mess with the motor... So I dump a good 1/4 cup of fuel right into the motor and try to fire it... starts pretty easy but the timing needs set and it smokes like hell.

So I go back to the motor and keep poking around, quickly realize i dont have a valve cover gasket and am spraying oil out a missing plug that comes with the gasket.... also realized i have no belts connected on the motor, and one of my pulleys is held on by 2 loose bolts....

Then I went and picked up a motor from a buddy that wrecked his sleeper foxbody, makes 400+ hp with a upgraded t5 (straight cut gears and all the works) car was running low-mid 12's with a good amount of wheelspin....
'95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile. 28GRc7m
'95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile. MVvTGdg

Currently waiting for me to have the time and room at work to build my custom frame more it.
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'95 Nissan D21 Drift Missile.
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