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 STIGA remake

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2022 Build-Off Entrant
2022 Build-Off Entrant

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STIGA remake Empty
PostSubject: STIGA remake   STIGA remake Icon_minitimeJanuary 5th 2022, 9:45 pm

STIGA remake Stiga112

So this is a stiga, it is small but somewhat unique tractor anyway I think I'll do a few things to it like:

add DR power mower locking diff axles to front and rear
larger tires, 22" or so
increased articulation, it has a restrictor because of the steering chain/cables that they use.

So to really set it apart some of the stuff I will try to pull off are a 3 (yes THREE) tire axle front and rear. One tire mounted to the sprocket hub over the diff centered between the two outside tires (weird huh) getting a drive to the chain and diff will be a challenge to say the least and I may try using an old hydrostatic bunton mower to do that.

So the center tires would be driven all the time and one outside tire on each diff would be powered and when locked it would have a solid 6 wheel drive. Might be able to dig thru some stuff.

The steering is a problem because it limits the articulation and I have thought of various ways to do it but I'm going to try lazy/easy first with using some cheap chinese front disc ATV brakes on all four corners and use the brakes to steer with, left front tied to right rear and vice versa so when I turn the steering wheel it will activate oppisite corners forcing it to pivot and turn but it will never easily go back to center neutral, it will most likely wander horribly but I want to try it and see what happens.
The pivot point may need to be set up with some friction to keep it from wandering and having to constantly correct the steering.

Or if that doesn't work (and I have serious doubts) I may have some PUSH-PULL cables made for the steering which will allow me to run the cables to the back half and connect to the pivot point there.(custom made push-pull cables are expensive)

Also thinking about a roll bar maybe mostly to bolt lights and stuff too but safety is good.

STIGA remake Stiga213

Thought this might be a good contest entry but to be real I am fairly busy and don't want to be tied to the contest constraints this way I can work on it with little pressure and just enjoy the build even if it takes me two years to finish it.

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STIGA remake
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