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 My lowered racer

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My lowered racer Empty
PostSubject: My lowered racer   My lowered racer Icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2015 9:30 am

Wel.. i did finish my utility build, but it was way to tall, so not safe. So i tore it apart, and created something new. Here are some pictures of the "product"

My lowered racer Sam_1410

Its not pretty what so ever, but it does work.

I had some issues with the steering as I have went for direct steering, I bet many have done the same as me before and forgot to add a lock to lock stopper, And ofc that had to go wrong when i first test drove it without it.

The front: uggly and nasty as can be :

My lowered racer Sam_1411

but it holds pretty good..

Back end.. the steel bars is from shelvs that i had for 10 years now, i used them to make an 19" data rack for switches and patch panels.

My lowered racer Sam_1412

This is the pully stuff :

My lowered racer Sam_1413

These are both from the transaxle and the mover deck. No idea what size this is. but I would like to go with a bigger pully on the engine. I usualy drive around in gear the others are way to slow. I have had a look at those web pages posted here on where to get new pullys but I have no idea what fits and what to buy. I know the shaft from the Engine is 1 inch with a notch in it or a key way. its an inward slope or whatever you call it. So i would like some help of you guys to link to what pullys that will fitt the engine shaft.

This had the 6Hp B&S engine and the spencer transaxle Non locked.

Any recomandations guys?

My son, hees 3 now and he lovers to sit on me lap and run around, but he yells FASTER FASTER DADY, FASTER!!! lol..

I have added a foot throttle, kept the gov for safety. Handbrake on my left side and gearstick on the right.

More pics can me added if you guys would like.

Happy Saturday greetings from Norway


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My lowered racer Empty
PostSubject: Re: My lowered racer   My lowered racer Icon_minitimeFri Jul 31, 2015 12:07 pm

nice little mower cant believe I missed this
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My lowered racer
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