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 opposed twin review

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PostSubject: opposed twin review   opposed twin review Icon_minitimeMay 31st 2015, 9:06 pm

This applies specificaly to the 42 c.i engines, but applies to all briggs opposed twins.

We all love oppys right? Right. Ive ran alot since i got it and these are just things ive noticed or tested it for.

Power and torque.
Plenty of power and torque. Running 1:1 pulley ratio in top gear on a mst i could pull the front wheels off the ground from a rolling start at idle. But above 1/2 throttle it still had power but it wasnt as punchy.

Aw yes. The most important aspect. These engines love fuel. Not as bad as you think though. Consider these as Big Blocks of the mower world. They get great mileage at a constant mid throttle rpm, but constantly gas on it or run it full throttle and your just wastin gas.i could get about 4mpg with mine on a good day.

The most inportant thing in any engine. These engines naturally have a little bit of rod knock. Ive heard some that ran for years with the rod sounding like it wanted to fly away. Mine has noticible knock at idle, but since i put straight pipes on it it went away. Lol

Spark plugs.
These things hate champions. Ive killed 7 champion plugs in mine. But ive been usin a long shank e3 plug and it aint even missed a beat. Its the only reason ive made it home a couple times, had to limp it home on 1cyl b/c the champion died.

Sadly this is the 5th time ive typed this, so its not as detailed as my first version, but itmight still do something for someone.

Reason for edit: dumbness
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opposed twin review
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