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 2004 F250 daily driver/ general update

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2004 F250 daily driver/ general update Empty
PostSubject: 2004 F250 daily driver/ general update   2004 F250 daily driver/ general update Icon_minitimeFebruary 13th 2016, 3:30 am

Well, i have been inactive for several months on here, and i figured its time to start coming back. i plan on participating in this years build off if everything goes to plan.. There is several reasons ive fallen off the map. Im currently enrolled in college, majoring in Auto Tech. The auto classes themselves are cake, and i excel at them, but the academic classes.. meh, yeah.. we'll leave it at that. On top of school, ive been in an EMT class for the last 6 months, so that kills my monday and wednesday nights. I am FINALLY done with those classes. My final is this coming thursday, and i will be an NYS certified EMT-Basic. This summer, i am hoping to work for either county or town highway dept, so that will be some serious income to fund my projects.. yes, projects...
My list of projects consists of my 1974 Bolens, 1989 Craftsman GT, and my 04' Superduty
The bolens will be entered into the build off.
The craftsman will be my workhorse until the bolens is done.
My superduty is - and will remain- my daily driver.
There is a thread for the bolens and craftsman, but not one for the truck, so ill throw something together for it, here..
As you all know, my previous ride was a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.9 (360).. well, it was more F'ed up than a football bat... the cab was quite literally falling appart. the more i tried to fix it, the worse the rot got.. so i put the carpet back down, welded some angle iron to the frame and bolted the cab down to it.. and sold it. i was able to bring in 3200 with it, 800 less than i paid for it, which was fine with me because of all the work it needed. ontop of the cab falling appart, the tranny was starting to act up.. it kept throwing a code for a governor pressure sensor, a 500 dollar part, which involved dropping the valve body out of the tranny.. SCREW that... under hard acceleration, it would start to jerk, like it was slipping, and it eventually locked itsself into neutral, and then 2nd gear limp mode when it came down to 45mph. id have to stop, put it in neutral, and cycle the key several times. some times i would have to actually clear the code with my scan tool..  so it was time to ship it.. my fire chief had an 04 F250 he was looking to get rid of, he said i had first go at it, if i wanted.. well, i took it, and ive never been happier.
said id NEVER EVER own a ford.. well, im now the proud owner of an 04 f250 superduty..
Specs on the truck
-2004, F250, Superduty, FX4 offroad package, 5.4 triton (2 valve), Mile Marker- Manual hub conversion kit (replacing the factory auto locking hubs), 160,000 miles. So far, ive done minor work to it, both front unit bearings, rear brakes (including calipers), rear U-joints, tried to do front u-joints, but the yoke broke when we pressed in the new ones so i got a new yoke and drive shaft. Mods for now are only a K&N air filter, and its straight piped for the time being. the muffler got ripped off on a rescue mission one night, and its not terribly loud so i threw a 45* turn down on for now. Future mods include, but are not limited to: Cold air intake, proper exhaust system, rear Eaton Tru-Trac, 2-3 inch lift, Flat bed (or new pickup box), Smoked headlights and markers, and smoked, LED cab clearance lights.. note- the clearance lights i would get also have warning patterns, so they would flash as well as stay on steady with parking lights. I also put tires on it, i opted for 265/75/R16 (stock size) Cooper STT Pro, tires. So far im extremly happy with the tires. the only bad things about the truck is the bed is rotted out (for thing), and it has spit one of the spark plugs (also a ford thing). Luckily i was able to thread a new plug in, and it has accepted it and its stayed in for me (knock on wood)
heres a few pics of it..  

when i first got it back in july
2004 F250 daily driver/ general update Foooor10

back in the fall, after new tires
2004 F250 daily driver/ general update F25010

and of course, an embarrassing stuck picture.. (background of this picture- I was turning around in my friends yard, missed their turn-around by about 8 inches with my left rear, and found a 3 foot deep culvert.. Her brother had to pull me out... gurrr)

2004 F250 daily driver/ general update Stuck_10

-1974 bolens 1055 (Rolling Thunder)
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Lt wrote:
Feel free to try... Dont let anything but fear and common sense stop you. 

2004 F250 daily driver/ general update Pbucket

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2004 F250 daily driver/ general update Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2004 F250 daily driver/ general update   2004 F250 daily driver/ general update Icon_minitimeFebruary 15th 2016, 3:12 pm

Looks like it's in decent shape. Still got the bolens huh?
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2004 F250 daily driver/ general update
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