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 Criteria for posting here

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Criteria for posting here Empty
PostSubject: Criteria for posting here   Criteria for posting here Icon_minitimeThu 01 Feb 2018, 6:57 pm

Before posting in here, be sure you have fully read and understand the rules of the Build Off.

2022 ATLTF Build Off Rules

Once you have observed the above, be sure you have fully read and understand how to create your entry.

2022 ATLTF Build Off Entry Instructions

How this forum works:

Make your entry post here. One of two things will happen; your entry will be approved, or your entry will be denied (or DQ).

If your entry is approved, the title of your thread will be edited to include the tag "[2022 Build-Off Entry], and at the base of your post it will be stamped by the Admin who approved it and what day they approved it. In addition, you will be added to the Build-Off 2022 group and be awarded a Profile Badge.

If your entry is denied (DQ), the title of your thread will be edited to include the tag '[DQ - Doesn't meet criteria] and the thread will be locked. The Admin who locked your thread will state the reason why, and how to fix it. The thread will then be deleted after 7 days to allow you to read why and how to/ what to include in your new thread.


Q: What is the purpose of this forum?
A: To enter into the 2022 Build Off. Entries are held here to be reviewed by Admin staff to ensure all entries meet entry criteria.

Q: Why can't I reply to a thread?
A: To aid in staff messages being seen, replies are turned off.

Q: What if I need to update build progress?
A: If your thread is in here, it means it is still an application. It would be wise to hold off on progress until you get approved to be sure you aren't missing anything.

Q: My thread has been here forever and hasn't been reviewed, can I start building?
A: We are not to say when/ what you can/ can't build, but if your entry is here you shouldn't build on your machine. If it has been a few days and nobody has reviewed your thread, send a PM to @Doug or @MightyRaze.

Q: What if I have a question on my entry?
A: Either PM one of us as mentioned above, or maybe get some peer help over at the 2022 Discussion Thread.

Updated post for 2022 Build-Off! - MightyRaze

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Have a question? Ask me! Type in "@Doug" in your post!

Your ATLTF Staff:
Administrators: @Doug, @MightyRaze, @"Doc Sprocket", @Stretch44875
Moderators: @TheRainbowBoxer, @AllisKidD21, @Brianator, @RichieRichOverdrive

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Criteria for posting here
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