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 throttle set up

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PostSubject: throttle set up   throttle set up Icon_minitimeSun Feb 16, 2020 7:33 am

hey i had an idea and not sure about it but here it is lol bare with me lol.
i've got a monster build going and i've recently picked up an old bicycle
and i was going to get the break cables...levers things like that off of it
and got to looking and if you can picture the gyro that is on em..okay the cable
is a single cable and branches off to two. so its one on top and two at the bottom
ill throw a pic up...but would it work for a foot throttle set up...where choke and throttle work
together as u push the throttle pedal. ill throw a pic of it up and let me know what yall think.

throttle set up Odbr7010
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PostSubject: Re: throttle set up   throttle set up Icon_minitimeSun Feb 16, 2020 2:53 pm

The double end pulls at the same time. Not a good idea for throttle and choke hook ups since you want throttle and choke on separate cables. Would work great for duel carbs, for throttle cable only, to sync up the carbs throttle.
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throttle set up
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