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 Rules For TTC21

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PostSubject: Rules For TTC21   Rules For TTC21 Icon_minitimeJuly 7th 2021, 9:41 pm

Much Needed Rules update for 2021

Top Tractor Challenge 2021 Rules And Guidelines

No Smoking near, around, or Up Wind of Mark Meyer (Sean’s dad)
No Smoking in, near, or around the house
No Filming of the competition
No Bad Attitudes or unSportsman like conduct (you will be asked to leave)
No driving on any of the courses other than to perform your run (NO EXCEPTIONS)
No Speeding up and down the road
Respect the property and property owners
Portable toilet is available for the men. Women and children can use the house hold restrooms

Filming of your own runs are permitted (do not post them until after redzz02’s full series is uploaded) pictures are allowed (make sure the location is NOT tagged when posting to any social media sites)

Machine requirements:
45” max width, Original Power Equipment engine, Lawn and Garden Style tractor ONLY, easily accessible front and rear recovery points, working brakes, 20” or larger tires recommended, snorkel style intake recommended
New requirements Tether kill switch & Locked Transaxle

Competition Rules:
Blanket rules:
More than 2 tires outside of the marked course at any time will result in a dnf
Spectators and participants will be expected to watch for penalties
DNF = +1 point greater than the total number of competitors (example 10 competitors DNF=11 points)
Getting off of your tractor to help it through an obstacle will result in a +30 second penalty, getting off to fix a breakage or to upright a roll over will not result in a penalty
Hitting a Gate (large visible markers) will result in a 10 second penalty
Reversing will result in a 10 second penalty
Helmets are to be worn whenever operating your tractor for any reason  
Competitors will have 3 minutes from the end of the previous competitors run to be ready on the starting line, if you are not on the starting line after the 3 minutes is up, automatic DNF
Some courses will have bonus obstacles resulting in time being deducted from your score
You can repair any breaks in between events, or make adjustments such as tire pressure, steering, belt alignment/tightness
No tire changes, added or removed parts/pieces. You run what you enter

Hill Climb, Obstacle course, Rock Crawl, Frame Twister, Tank Trap
timed event and the fastest will take first place and so on

Mud Bog, Pulling Event
Farthest Distance measured wins, time will determine a tie breaker
Pulling Event
No wheelie bars, no added weight, run what you brought and if you can’t use your clutch foot to prevent a roll over, that’s on the driver  

we are doing golf style scoring again this year, the person with the lowest amount of points takes home the win.  1st is one point, 2nd is 2 points, 3rd is 3 points so on and so on. DNF will result in one point more than the total amount of competitors. FOR EXAMPLE If there are 10 competitors and you receive a DNF your score will be an 11 for that course
In the event of a TIE the person with better placements throughout the event will take the position  
Most important this is about having fun and enjoying a hobby we all love with existing friends along with new friends. So don’t take the competition too seriously, Enjoy Yourself and GOOD LUCK

any questions or clarifications needed, feel free to ask (just dont over think the rules)

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White Trash Productions
Ohio Offroad Mowers
Top Tractor Challenge Host
Builds: Sears Killer, Mud Dynamark, Drift Missile, 4x4 Dynamark + many more

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Rules For TTC21
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