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 Refresher of the rules...

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2018 Build-Off Top 3 Winner
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2019 Build-Off Top 3 Winner
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Refresher of the rules... Empty
PostSubject: Refresher of the rules...   Refresher of the rules... Icon_minitimeDecember 26th 2017, 12:11 am

Remember, we are a fun group of individuals.  We all know there have been events outside the forums that have come up recently.  While I am not going to tell you "Don't talk about it."  I would like to suggest to be open minded and not start anything here in the forums or in the chat.  We do not need the drama.

I figured this is a good time to bring up the rules.  Below is a quote of the rules that can be found HERE.

Doc Sprocket wrote:

Welcome to ATLTF!

All-Terrain Lawn Tractor Forum would like to welcome one and all to our community. We encourage members to share their experiences, ask questions, give and receive relevant knowledge, tips, tricks and ideas. We do troubleshooting, parts sourcing, modification help, and the like. We cater to all age ranges, and as such, must maintain a certain decorum with younger members in mind. We like pics, videos, explanations, how-to's, and stories of both stellar victories and epic defeats. Don't have a tractor? That's okay- dreams are allowed! One day, right? In the meantime, nothing stops you from asking/answering questions, spitballing, and scheming.

Username: New members may choose any Username they see fit. No profanity or vulgarity is in the username. Any Usernames deemed inappropriate will be changed without the consent of the member. Only one username is allowed per person. User names are only changeable due to compelling reasons.

Only one account per user. Extra accounts will be deleted, and warnings issued. Accounts can only be deleted by management.

Please provide a location, and age. This helps see who is close to you, and can help out.

Avatar: Members may upload a photo to be used as their avatar. No lewd, vulgar, obscene, graphic or ****ographic images will be tolerated. No avatar may be displayed in such a manner as to insult, accuse, or defame the United States, the military, or any person. Any inappropriate avatar may be delete by moderators.

Rules for forum and chat behavior:

The staff (admin, mods, etc) are to be treated with respect at all times, even if you don't agree with them.

Treat other members as you would want to be treated. No room for jerks here. Give respect, get respect.

If you have an issue with something or someone, relax. Take it to PM, don't broadcast it. If needed, log out awhile and cool off.


>Post racist, or discriminatory remarks.

>Post sexist remarks- This includes not only sexual discrimination, but derogatory remarks towards sexual preference or orientation.

>Post threats, or threaten others.

>Post spam. Defined as advertising another website/ websites/ products or services without permission from forum administration, or submitting pointless posts consecutively in a short period of time.

>Post religious, or political comments, joking or otherwise. Gets too touchy too fast.

>Post or link to material that is considered sexually explicit, profane, hateful, lewd, threatening, abusive, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate for a family viewing of the website.

>Post material that is intended to bait others to a conflict.

>Post material that you know contains a virus or other malicious software.

>Cross-post multiple posts or threads about the same topic. This includes either creating multiple threads about the same topic in multiple forums or the same thread repeatedly or posting the same post within multiple existing threads.

>Post in all CAPS or in giant run-on sentences without punctuation. Do not post as if texting and avoid the use of texting abbreviations. It is extra work to post proper sentences from a smartphone but the result will be greatly appreciated. Please do your best to use capitalization, proper spelling and punctuation. It makes it easier for everyone to read!

Penalties are as follows: 4 strikes you're out.
>2 warnings - ban.
>Ban is 4 strikes. 1st time, 6 hours. 2nd time 24 hours, 3rd time 1 week, 4th time is permanent. A ban is a ban. Avoiding a ban by re-joining under a new identity is a bannable offense. A profile is not banned, the person is. If you're out, you're out.

>Chat moderators and forum moderators are not necessarily the same people. If there's a chat issue, please pm a chat mod. If there's a forum issue, feel free to contact a forum mod or admin.
>Admin reserves the right to deny/cancel membership or apply any disciplinary action as they see fit. This may include advancing/bypassing the above penalty guideline.

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PostSubject: Re: Refresher of the rules...   Refresher of the rules... Icon_minitimeDecember 26th 2017, 6:17 pm

Theres actually an updated ruleset I had forgotten to put live from 2016. Refresher of the rules... 2664539216 I just posted it.

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Refresher of the rules...
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