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 Tech Tip: Stuck Square Plug

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Tech Tip:  Stuck Square Plug Empty
PostSubject: Tech Tip: Stuck Square Plug   Tech Tip:  Stuck Square Plug Icon_minitimeSun Sep 24, 2023 10:50 pm

I know one should be able to remove the square drain plugs in transaxles with a square plug socket/wrench, open ended wrench or a 12 point wrench.  What can you do when you don't have a plug socket/wrench?  When the open end or 12 point box end wants to round off the plug because it has been stuck in there for decades or previous removal it was given all the torques to re-install.

That's when you think out of the box.  Here is my favorite method to get those stuck plugs.  Good thing most of these plugs are either 1/2 or 3/8 square.

If you have those hex head sockets there is hope.  I even have a plan B if you do not.

Put the rachet side of the socket over the plug.  This case is a 3/8 hex head.

Tech Tip:  Stuck Square Plug Img_2669

Then use a standard socket, in this case size 3/8 socket, and loosen the plug.

Tech Tip:  Stuck Square Plug Img_2670

Plan B:

If you have one of those couplers to screw two threaded rods together, you can use one of those.  Get the socket the size of the coupler, again use that socket and cover the plug with the ratchet side of the socket.  Insert the coupler and then use another socket or wrench on the other side to unscrew the plug!  Same idea as above!

Tech Tip:  Stuck Square Plug 34456610

No coupler, you can use a double nut bolt in place.

Hope this helps you with your stuck plugs!

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Tech Tip:  Stuck Square Plug Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tech Tip: Stuck Square Plug   Tech Tip:  Stuck Square Plug Icon_minitimeThu Oct 12, 2023 10:34 am

I like the threaded rod connector tip because the steel on those is pretty tough and it takes some torque to bend them. If you go to Home Depot and type in :

Female Pipe Plug Socket

you can get one of these. I have one for drain plugs on transmission pans, forget the size, maybe 3/8". There is really an official plumbing name for these plugs, such as spigot plug or something, but, it escapes me at the moment.

If you download the SUNEX tool catalog they have a bunch of cool useful sockets and tools.

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Tech Tip: Stuck Square Plug
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